100 Writing Prompts for New Jersey Kids with Journal Pages - Print at Home

New Jersey themed writing prompts that make writing fun for kids

The 100 Writing Prompts for New Jersey Kids includes 100 different New Jersey themed writing prompts and story starters that make writing fun for kids. Each page has a separate prompt with lines to create a story or journal like entry. Best suited for students in grades fourth through sixth but will work for any young writer looking for new inspirational ideas. This book will make writing fun! This is the print at home version, print one page at a time or all at once. Do what works for you and your child.

Grab this as a gift for a New Jersey kid or purchase it and use as a resource for virtual learning and homeschooling in New Jersey.

Testimonials include

"Another amazing publication from Jennifer Auer! This book is filled with thought provoking prompts to excite both New Jersey natives and those who are interested in traveling to or learning more about the Garden State. I look forward to using this with my 8, 11, and 13 yr olds this year." ~Melissa O, NJ (8 years homeschooling)

"What a great idea! An amazing way to encourage "Jersey-kids" to value, capture, and celebrate New Jersey's diversity and beauty with their own creative writing skills. A great tool I look forward to using with my 3rd, 5th, and 7th grader. -Jenn Robinson NJSensational! 

A great book to foster both creativity and originality in writing. Each prompt is intriguing and inspires children to use experience and their imagination. I’m excited to use this book for school this year with my children (ages 5-12)!"~ Jenny Williams, NJ (mom of 6)

"Great collection of writing prompts to give local children over the summer - or anytime of year, really! Jennifer Auer's detailed oneliners will spark the imagine, trigger a memory, or peak an interest in visiting a new place and trying fun activities with family and friends!" -- Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney, K-12 Teacher, Atlantic Christian School, EHT, NJ       http://turnoversbaby.com/turnovers-blog 

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